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Host Your Next Concert or Event at COSCityHUB

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Finding just the right venue for your next event can be a challenge. At COS CityHUB, we aim to 'right-size' your next event by providing you just the right service and space.

There is real shortage of Concert and Event space in Colorado Springs and we would love to talk to you about hosting your next one. Our 15,000 square foot main auditorium can seat 1400 for concerts and hundreds around round tables for any event. The technology is state of the art with a 18’ by 38’ screen spanning the back of the stage. There is a loading dock behind the building and a ramp backstage too for easy load in/load outs. With totally digital signage in the lobby from the moment you walk into the building for your event the entire building is branded you. Your company, your non-profit, your band, your thing, you. A smaller auditoriums has access to a full kitchen and can accommodate groups of up to 200 or so people. There is nothing quite like it in Colorado Springs. Let us know what you are dreaming about and we will see if we can help.

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