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Venue Information

We are pumped to offer 5 unique spaces for your meetings, events, or concerts. Each space offers a unique vibe and experience designed to meet your needs. Our newly updated, state of the art technology is ready for your group of 10 all the way up to an event for 1,400 people. We have put together this price sheet to give you an idea of the the space pricing. Reach out today to set up a meeting and get an official quote!

Our Mission
 The Garage 


Accommodates 10-25


Daily Total: $150-750*
 The Lobby 


Accommodates 300



Ex. Daily Total: $3k-$8k*
 Main Auditorium 

Row Seating - 1400 max

Table Seating - 600


Room Only*

  • Call for Quote


Tech -


Ex Daily Total: $15k-$35k*
 Conference Room 


Accommodates 10-35

Ex Daily Total: $150-750*
 West Auditorium 


Row Seating - 175 max

Table Seating - 120


Daily Total: $2k-$6k*

COSCITYHUB is not available as a wedding venue.

*Prices depend on the time of day, time of the week, and event needs.

Discounts are available for Non-Profits.
COSCITYHUB does not do cost-plus pricing.
Prices are valid through MAY 1, 2023.

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